Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Bargain Book: Reception of Grimm's Fairy Tales: Responses, Reactions, Revisions edited by Donald P. Haase

For 15 more copies, Reception of Grimm's Fairy Tales: Responses, Reactions, Revisions edited by Donald P. Haase is bargain priced in PAPER not EBOOK for $8.78. I discovered this today when I was composing another post that is forthcoming and had to share. This is a great price for a great book. It is out of print, so getting brand new used copies for a used price is a grand thing.

This book is an important volume in reading about how the Grimms have been used and interpreted. The scope is definitely Western culture--European and U.S.--but it is a fine book to add to your fairy tale library for a GREAT price.

Book description:

The Reception of Grimms' Fairy Tales brings together premier scholars of the fairy tale, including Ruth B. Bottigheimer, Maria Tatar, and Jack Zipes, with acclaimed creative writers such as Margaret Atwood, Angela Carter, Jane Yolen, and award-winning artist Trina Schart Hyman. The essays address the reception of the Grimms' texts by their readers; the dynamics between Grimms' collection and its earliest audiences; and aspects of the literary, philosophical, creative, and oral reception of the tales, illuminating how writers, philosophers, artists, and storytellers have responded to, reacted to, and revised the stories, thus shedding light on the ways in which past and contemporary transmitters of culture have understood and passed on the Grimms' tales.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments 8

Introduction 9

The Brothers Grimm as Collectors and Editors of German Folktales 24

Heinrich Prohle: A Successor to the Brothers Grimm 41

The Spoken and the Read: German Popular Stories and English Popular Diction 59

The Publishing History of Grimms' Tales: Reception at the Cash Register 78

Trivial Pursuit? Women Deconstructing the Grimmian Model in the Kaffeterkreis 102

Little Brier Rose: Young Nietzsche's Sleeping Beauty Poem as Legend and Swan Song 127

Fairy-Tale Allusions in Modern German Aphorisms 149

The Struggle for the Grimms' Throne: The Legacy of the Grimms' Tales in the FRG and GDR since 1945 167

Wilhelm Grimm/Maurice Sendak: Dear Mili and the Literary Culture of Childhood 207

Response and Responsibility in Reading Grimms' Fairy Tales 230

Once Upon a Time Today: Grimm Tales for Contemporary Performers 250

Personal Reflections on the Scholarly Reception of Grimms' Tales in France 269

The Brothers Grimm and Sister Jane 283

Grimms' Remembered 290

"Cut It Down, and You Will Find Something at the Roots" 293

Ashputtle: or, The Mother's Ghost 301

Notes on Contributors 304

Index 309

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