Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fairy Fail Theatre Presents: Beauty and the Beast by Olivia A Lukawski

Olivia A Lukawski made this short film as her final student film project and it's quite fun:

Fairy Fail Theatre Presents: Beauty and the Beast from Olivia A Lukawski on Vimeo.

Thanks for sharing, Olivia!


  1. Nice to see a familiar film! Good work at Sheridan!

  2. You posted a movie a while back called Once Upon a Winter Wood, and I noticed that the person who made it(Megan Kearney)is credited in this film as the voice actor. Also Olivia Lukawski is credited in Megan's film! Did these both come from the same school?
    Anyway, this is a very funny film!

  3. Hi, This is Megan! Olivia and I are actually roommates (and have attended the same two post-secondary schools, oh dear...) When I mentioned Sur La Lune had been kind enough to feature my fairy-tale themed short, she dug out her graduate film from a year or two back and submitted it. Olivia handled the CG in the opening on Winter Wood. The Beast in Fairy Fail is a character-bit I was doing as a sort of a running joke around the house. Olivia adopted him into her short.

    Now you know!