Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Some Fairy Tale Romance eBooks

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We are all sick of my writing odes to my Kindle. But with the new versions, less expensive versions coming out in a month, there will be more converts.

Despite my raves about the ease and convenience of reading on  my Kindle, my favorite ideas behind ebooks is the ability to have so many books in one place and the opportunity to never have a book out of print again.  What a boon that authors are now able to make money off their books long after the dead tree versions are no longer for sale anywhere but used bookstores.  I have paid so much for used books over the years that I needed--and too many above original list price--when I would have loved to see the author getting some of that money instead.

Anyway, several small ebook publishing houses--or should we call them author consortiums?--are popping up on the web.  Today I wanted to highlight Belgrave House because it has some out-of-print fairy tale themed romances.

As we know, many authors cut their teeth in publishing in the romance market and then move into other genres.  Others stay there and thrive.  Carola Dunn is now writing mysteries--the Daisy Dalrymple series especially which is where I first discovered her--but early in her career she wrote some fairy tale themed romances.  Three of her shorter pieces are collected in one ebook on Belgrave House, titled

I've never read them, but I bought this collection with the plans to try it someday soon.  I have one or two moldy copies somehere which I have never read due to allergy issues.  Now I will be happier to read these and know Dunn will get a portion of the money I paid.  Actually, I think I have the Frog Earl which I haven't seen as an ebook yet.

The Magic of Love by Carola Dunn

Three Regency Fairytales and a Halloween ghost story: RUMPLESTILTSKIN--with an unexpected hero; ALADDIN'S LAMP--turns up in Regency Oxford, jinnee and all; and THE FIREBIRD--with a wer-fox as heroine; plus Superstition--a Halloween short story, in which a Gypsy's fortune-telling proves doubly accurate. Regency Fairytales by Carola Dunn; originally published in collections by Zebra and Walker.

There are also two titles by Kathy Lynn Emerson, another author who plays in romance and mysteries, mostly historical.  Here are her two titles that are on Belgrave that have fairy tale themes:

The Rapunzel Trap

Women's Fiction/Contemporary Romance by Kathy Lynn Emerson writing as Kaitlyn Gorton

Hope Rowan suspects Rapunzel had agoraphobia—just like she does. And Cooper Sanford, returned high school bad boy, doesn’t really seem the handsome prince who could lure her out, does he? But Coop wants Hope’s help with his motherless daughter, and he’s willing to help her overcome her fears—except that he has a few doubts of his own. Originally published by Silhouette Special Edition as Hearth, Home and Hope.

Sleepwalking Beauty

Bodyguard Duncan Glendower, assigned to keep watch over Andrea Lauderdale by her over-protective grandfather, invites her to share his remote hunting cabin in Maine. Andrea's sleepwalking is an old problem about which she knows nothing until she wakes up one morning in Duncan's bed. Duncan is torn between his feelings for her and his conviction that he isn't good enough for her. Originally published by Bantam Loveswept.

I am not affiliated with Belgrave and this is not an endorsement per se but I have successfully purchased from them and plan to do so again in the future.

And if you are fascinated with fairy tale themed romance novels, don't forget my list on SurLaLune: Fairy Tale Romances. It needs to be updated, but it is a long list already....


  1. Don't feel bad about sharing your Kindle love. After all, the Kindle reader is available for quite a few different platforms, including PC. (I'm using it on my iPod Touch!)

    The Frog Earl is available from Fictionwise in multi-format, one of which is "Kindle Compatible (MOBI)".

  2. Ugh, can't edit my previous comment. Anyway, Belgrave House files most, but apparently not all, of their Regency romances on a semi-separate site called Regency Reads. And one of those happens to be The Frog Earl.

  3. This is convincing me more and more that I should buy a Kindle or one of its cousins- mostly due to the fact that I'll be moving out next year and won't have room for all my books in whatever student accommodation I end up in...

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