Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pet Society Fairytale Items

I am completely ignorant of these things, but this is fairy tale related, so I thought I would share:

From Let Your Imagination Wander With Pet Society Fairytale Items:

It’s another Monday in the world of Pet Society, and that means that a new item theme has been unleashed in the game’s many stores. This week, we take a trip to the world of princes and monsters – it’s Fairytale Week!

The theme starts in the game’s Gardening Shop, where you’ll find all sorts of architectural details like arches and waterfalls, that would look perfect as part of a Princess’s castle, or just as nice decorations if you happen to have an outdoor garden, or classical theme celebrating an era gone by.

Next, in the game’s Mystery Shop, you can pick up a Fairy Tale Mystery Box, either by its lonesome for 6 Playfish Cash, or in groups of 5 or 13 boxes for 24 and 60 Playfish Cash, respectively. These boxes contain bundles of Fairytale clothing items, with five different options being available to receive at random.

I really don't have anything to add.  Except for if I played this game, I would want the Princess and the Pea bed.  I've always wanted a Princess and the Pea bed.  At least in theory.  I still remember the thrill of the idea of using stairs to get into bed, from bunk beds to short stools.  I first read of one tall enough to require a step in Anne of Windy Poplars and dreamed of one for years.  Now I am much more practical--I like sitting at the foot of my bed to put on my socks, but I can still enjoy the fantasy....


  1. I was thinking the other day about why it was that I liked the Princess and the Pea so much-- I mean, it does seem pretty rude to test someone like that. However, I, too, was a fan of that bed in Windy Poplars, so maybe that's what it was.

  2. And have you seen that McDonald's has fairy tale Madame Alexander dolls in their Happy Meals right now? My 2 year old is loving it, because I keep buying him chicken nuggets (even if I keep the toy).

  3. ok pet society is a facebook virtual game and there are alot of fairytales items