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Sleeping Beauties: Sleeping Beauty and Snow White Tales From Around the World

Sleeping Beauties: Sleeping Beauty and Snow White Tales From Around the World

Sleeping Beauties: Sleeping Beauty and Snow White Tales From Around the World is now available on Amazon. It should begin appearing in other book retail sources over the next several weeks, at least as a special order.

This one topped out at 507 pages, so it costs a little more and it is THICK.  Here's the preliminary table of contents, including 11 Sleeping Beauty and 41 Snow White tales. 

Table of Contents

Introductory Essays

Tales of Sleeping Beauties by Heidi Anne Heiner

Who‘s the Fairest?: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs by Heidi Anne Heiner

Notes About This Edition

Sleeping Beauty Tales

1. Brunhild Iceland

2. Troylus and Zellandine and Other Medieval Sleeping Beauties France

3. Sun, Moon, and Talia Italy

4. Sun, Pearl, and Anna Italy

5. The Son of a King Italy

6. Sleeping Beauty in the Wood France

7. Little Briar-rose Germany

8. The Glass Coffin Germany

9. The Enchanted Sleep Austria

10. The Story of the Prince in Love Egypt

11. The Petrified Mansion India

Snow White Tales

12. Little Snow White Germany

13. Richilda Germany

14. The Lay of Eliduc France

15. The Mirror France

16. The Stepmother France

17. The Young Slave Italy

18. The Crystal Casket Italy

19. A Tuscan Snow-White and the Dwarfs Italy

20. Maria, the Evil Stepmother, and the Seven Robbers Italy

21. The Beautiful Anna Italy

22. Maruzzedda Italy

23. Child Margarita Italy

24. The Three Sisters Italy

25. The Innkeeper Italy

26. Marietta and the Witch, Her Stepmother Greece

27. Maroula and the Mother of Erotas Greece

28. Rodia Greece

29. Snow White Albania

30. Fatimé Albania

31. The Magic Needle Turkey

32. Little Snow-white (Sílata) Turkey

33. Little Snow-white (Ulaghátsh) Turkey

34. The Beautiful Stepdaughter Spain

35. The Vain Queen Portugal

36. The Maiden With the Rose on Her Forehead Portugal

37. The Innkeeper Portugal

38. Gold-Tree and Silver-Tree Ireland

39. The Story of Vilfrídr Fairer-than-Vala Iceland

40. The World‘s Beautiful Woman Hungary

41. The Magic Mirror Romania

42. The Tale of the Dead Tsarevna and the Seven Heroes Russia

43. The Woman and the Sun Morocco

44. Thizourith Imellah Algeria

45. Udea and Her Seven Brothers Libya

46. The Beautiful Daughter West Africa

47. The Favored Daughter Gabon

48. Ngana Fenda Maria Angola

49. The Unnatural Mother and the Girl With a Star on Her Forehead Mozambique

50. Snowwhite Europe

51. Cymbeline England

52. King Peacock United States

More Sleeping Beauties

Notes About the Following Tales

53. The Sleep of Endymion Greece

54. Endymion Greece

55. Chione Greece

56. Princess Zoza Restores Prince Taddeo to Life Italy

57. The Sleeping Prince; or, The Knife, the Cord, and the Stone Greece

58. Chundun Rajah India

59. Sodewa Bai India

60. Little Surya Bai India

61. Ethna the Bride Ireland

62. The King of Erin and the Queen of the Lonesome Island Ireland

63. The Brown Bear of the Green Glen Scotland

64. An Old King and His Three Sons in England Wales

65. The Skilful Huntsman Germany

66. The Water of Life Germany

67. Niels and the Giants Denmark

68. The Accursed Garden Austria

69. The Winged Hero Bukovina (Ukraine and Romania)

70. The Princess and the Forester‘s Son Czech Republic

71. The Demon Is At Last Conquered By the King‘s Son India

Additional Materials

72. The Lai of Eliduc and the Märchen of Little Snow White by Alfred Nutt

73. The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood by Anne Thackeray Ritchie

74. The Story of the Duchess of Cicogne and of Monsieur de Boulingrin by Anatole France

75. Sleeping Beauty by Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch

76. The Sleeping Beauty by C. S. Evans


Further Reading


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  1. It sounds AMAZING and I can't wait to buy it!!

  2. I so wish it would be possible to get a digital version of this book! I've been looking for it for years, but the rare copies are really expensive and are impossible to get outside the US. The other books from this collection were also available in digital version, I'm curious to know why this one isn't.