Friday, September 30, 2011

Realms of Fantasy: Fairytale Cinema and Spectatorship by Alison Tedman

Today's the last day of the month and thus the last day of Fairy Tale Film Month here on SurLaLune. As one of the final posts in the theme for this month, I wanted to share an upcoming book of which I know very little. That is Realms of Fantasy: Fairytale Cinema and Spectatorship by Alison Tedman. Now I haven't been able to find very reliable information on this title. The cover image comes from Columbia University Press's website with a 2009 publication date listed for a cloth edition, but I can't find any record of this book actually having been in print yet. (I can, of course, always be wrong, but it's not in WorldCat which is rather telling.) Now it is listed on Amazon with a January 2012 release date.

Here's the description from the publisher:

This volume brings together critical approaches from fairytale studies, film studies, and feminist studies, including philosophical and psychoanalytic methodologies. It analyzes fairytale strategies and enunciation, explores the role of fantasy in the spectatorship of fairytale cinema, and considers the potential for the feminine voice.
I can't wait to see the table of contents.

And since this is one of my pet topics, I am intrigued. I find myself overall bored with most of Hollywood's offerings these days. I find the portrayal of women to be way behind what exists in the real world, in books and even on television where women are given a wider range of roles and characters. Thus the reason I rarely go to the movies anymore but spend the time and money on TV series for my entertainment with my husband who is an avid tv and film watcher. So I am curious to see what this book offers when it is released.
I'll post more about this in the future when I learn more...

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