Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cinderella (1899): A Film by George Méliès

It just wouldn't be fairy tale film month if we didn't salute Georges Méliès, one of the fathers of fairy tale film. You can find many of his films on YouTube as well as several DVDs, of which the highest recommended is Georges Melies: First Wizard of Cinema 1896-1913.

Here is a video of his 1899 Cinderella film. Be warned that you need the neweset version of the Adobe Flash Player to view it. (Or at least I did. Annoying thing, software upgrades.)

Yes, I know fairy tale film month has been Cinderella heavy, but then so is the fairy tale world. I can't help that Méliès was inspired by Cinderella instead of say, Little Red Riding Hood, a perfectly popular French fairy tale, too. He was acactually so fascinated with the story that he made another film of it in 1912 although I didn't find that one online in my quick searches. He also explored the Arabian Nights which I will also embed in two parts below.

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