Monday, September 12, 2011

Another New Show? Beauty and the Beast on ABC, Perhaps

From 'Jericho' writer sells 'Beauty and the Beast' remake to ABC by James Hibberd:

Beauty and the Beast could be returning to TV. ABC is developing a new version of the classic fairy tale romance from Human Target and Jericho writer-producer Jonathan E. Steinberg. The one-hour fantasy drama is described as an “epic re-imagining” of the tale.

Beauty and the Beast joins a host of name-brand projects in the running for broadcast’s next pilot season, including a Frankenstein, Romancing the Stone and Munsters project at NBC and a Bewitched remake at CBS. Of course, Beast would follow not one but two fairy tale inspired dramas hitting the air this fall — NBC’s Grimm and ABC’s Once Upon a Time.

May I just say that I am ready for some Beauty and the Beast after all of this inundation with Snow White and Cinderella and the rest? I HOPE this one makes it to the small screen. And no, it doesn't appear to be a relaunch of the CBS 80s series with Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman.

And Bewitched? Really? Please don't.... Next we'll be seeing I Dream of Jeannie, too. No wonder I mostly watch USA Network...

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  1. I'm always in favor of more Beauty and the Beast. Unfortunately I was too young to watch the old show-- I keep wondering, is it worth renting?