Thursday, August 27, 2009

Just For Fun: Snow White lives happily ever after, again

Because it made me laugh: Snow White lives happily ever after, again

Once upon a time, there was a struggling actress who tried to make ends meet by playing Snow White at Disneyland.

The Rancho Cucamonga resident ended up winning $5.2 million on "Make Me a Millionaire," the weekly television show featuring 12 scratcher winners.

Marston, who no longer works at Disneyland, said maybe her role as a fairy tale princess gave her some good karma.

"I'd like to think that," she said. "It was a rewarding job, so maybe I was rewarded for passing those smiles to the kids."

Come on, doesn't that make you smile, too? And hope that she beats the happily ever after lottery winner statistic?

And makes me wish I played the lottery if fairy tale karma works that well. By now, I should have lots of fairy tale karma stored up...

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