Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fairytale Town

I collect information about family, tourist and vacation attractions that feature fairy tale themes. The list is short and I will eventually write about them all on the blog. Today I wanted to mention the one I've learned about most recently, Fairytale Town in Sacramento, California. (Edit: I actually wrote this post last week before finding and posting the article about Disney's German Fairytale vacations yesterday.)

Fairytale Town is celebrating its 50 Year Anniversary this month, having first opened on August 29, 1959. The park is more local attraction than tourist spot with activities oriented towards young childrens with petting zoo animals, gardens, storytelling and other activities. I've never been there--hadn't heard of it before last week--but it sounds charming and perhaps even a little quaint in a good way.

For the month of August, the park is offering 50 cent admissions on Mondays although the admission price is reasonable at anytime.

From the Examiner's article about the anniversary:

It's a wonderfully imaginative park with over 25 different classic children's stories used as themes throughout. There are numerous play areas for the children to entertain their minds and be active. This park also features various animals to view and learn about as well. If your child has an upcoming birthday, be sure to check out info on having his or her celebration at King Arthur's Castle! This park is a non-profit organization that does rely on the support of the public to keep benefiting children of the Sacramento area. Sign up to receive their free weekly email, The Humpty Dumpty Report, to be informed of special events, invites, and news.

The website doesn't have very detailed information about the specific fairy tales used. The limited photos appear to be more nursery rhyme oriented (Humpty Dumpty, Woman and Shoes, etc.) so I wasn't able to glean much information that way although I did spy Jack and the Beanstalk and a Gingerbread House. Fairytale Town looks like a fun place for young children whether or not the fairy tale element appeals. If anyone else is familiar with the spot, feel free to post comments about Fairytale Town with this post.

Another edit: And, of course, in the GMLFTAUG (Great Minds Love Fairy Tales and Use Google) relationship I have with Once Upon a Blog, Ink Gypsy wrote about Fairytale Town yesterday. She also posted more pictures so I encourage you to read her entry if you haven't already.

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  1. This is just so funny! I'm so glad Blogger allows up to pre-date posts so we can set them up but it's always funny to find - oops she posted first! I do love being part of the GMLFTAUG club though. LOL There have been a few posts I've deleted simply because I didn't want a massive overlap but there are times when I think overlapping is fine - good in fact! I really like that fairy tale news is coming from multiple sources to keep it in people's radar. Your blog - as your website and all else I've seen you do - is awesome! I just wish I had time to do this every day... *signs off with a wave and a sigh, then goes to set up the next weeks blog entries*