Thursday, August 6, 2009

Everybody Was Fairytale Fighting

So my original post on Fairytale Fights has been quite popular. More press releases and leaks are taking place although embargoes on reviews are in effect until August 19th or there abouts. Still, there is a new trailer--beware very graphic cartoon violence--available for your viewing, well, knowledge. I'm embedding it below.

I'm not a gamer, especially not this type, but I'm fascinated with the timing of this game, released before Christmas and before the release of several fairy tale animated feature films in the next year. I want to see how this is received and reviewed by gamers, one of the choosiest and critical groups I've ever come across. Will it be a hit? A miss? Or somewhere in between? The buzz is fascinating with complaints that Gingerbread Men bleed in the trailers instead of crumble although they are supposed to crumble in the actual game, rest assured.

I have to admit I'm tempted to at least rent the game to see it in action on our Xbox 360 but the machine might run away in horror since it's used primarily for playing NCAA Football. There's not much role-playing or non-sports violence in my domain beyond the traditional fairy tale stuff, excepting what does appear on SurLaLune. :)

And no, I'm not entering the debate over video game violence. Not going there today. My interest is purely observational. This game does have a high maturity rating, so let that be your guide.

And if the video does intrigue you, the game is available for preorder for its November 10th release through Amazon and other sites. (Here are links to various platforms if you're interested: PS3, XBox 360, Windows.)

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  1. I was very tempted to post on this myself. It's intriguing, but since I understand nothing about gaming, I gave it a pass. Glad you did this post.