Friday, August 7, 2009

It Begins...Disney's Princess and the Frog

The end of summer is fast approaching and thus the big publicity push for Disney's December 11, 2009 release of the "Princess and the Frog" is starting. Love it, hate it, or stand somewhere in the middle, Disney has done much to keep the interest in fairy tales alive. I intend for the SurLaLune coverage of the tale to stay more on the traditional side of the tale, but I'm certainly not going to ignore the movie. I may have to see it opening day just to get a jump on all the questions!

I'm most excited about the movie because feature films always do more to initiate interest in traditional fairy tales than any other pop culture event. "Princess and the Frog" prequels a year of several high profile fairy tale film releases.

I just received my first email blast from Disney with a link to the official website. Ironically, it wasn't working when I first clicked through the other night, but hopefully it'll be working by the time I publish this post. Here's the link: Official Site for Disney's Princess and the Frog. Visit there to get more information.

Ink Gypsy is doing a great job with more minute coverage of the movie itself over at one of my favorite fairy tale blogs: Once Upon a Blog... (She and I merge and diverge regularly in our posts, so consider our blogs complements to each other.)

And I have a few things planned to go along with the movie and the natural increase of interest in The Frog Prince so stay tuned.....

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  1. I look forward to this movie. Disney first ignited my interest in faerie tales and I'm delighted to see they are finally back.