Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cappuccino Anyone?

So I stumbled across these ads from a campaign for Bru Cappuccino in Asia in 2007. Thus they are a little dated, but of interest all the same. I think the challenging question is: What products haven't used fairy tales for advertising at some point?

But I also found this campaign interesting for using Rapunzel which is more rare outside of hair products or salons in my experience. Cinderella and Frog Prince, sure, but Rapunzel, not so much. I'm fascinated that there doesn't appear to be a Little Red Riding Hood image since that's the most popular tale to use in almost any campaign.

Overall, the campaign isn't very effective for me although I do have a soft spot for the Rapunzel image since it is a rare and unusual usage. I don't see how these are effectively pushing cappuccino either, but since these are for Indian culture (ha! using European tales, no less) I might be missing something. I also don't drink coffee, so I'm supposedly way outside the target audience.

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