Friday, August 28, 2009

Just For Fun: Cinderella looks for missing shoe

I'm trying to decide on a name for these short posts linking to funny, amusing, quaint, etc. articles I find. This one is about a woman in the UK who lost one of her leopard-print Christian Louboutin heels and is offering a £50 reward: Cinderella looks for missing shoe.

Glass slippers have changed a bit in our modern age, haven't they? And these were apparently given to her by her prince (i.e. husband) instead of her fairy godmother...

(And no, I don't know if the image is of the exact style she lost. They are just for a visual. And although I am not a heel wearer--my funky and fun shoes run in the tennis shoe line--I have always enjoyed seeing the red soles of Louboutins. They rather remind me of Little Red Riding Hood, I admit.)

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