Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Nail Polish Giveaway Winner

We have our first week's winner of the Fairy Tale Nail Polish Giveaway (read more here). Using a random number selector, Sprite became our first winner. She won a bottle of BB Couture Poison Apple. I have already contacted her and received a reply.

I still have three more Fridays and three more bottles of polish to giveaway this month. All who have already entered and not won are still entered for the rest of the month. The contest machine will continue to accept new entries until the end of the contest, too.

Congratulations to Sprite and bonne chance to everyone else!

And thanks again to Kim at Overall Beauty for her donation to SurLaLune! BB Couture was my manicure of choice this week and I really love this nail polish line, from color choices to formula (Big 3 Free) to naming conventions. (And, yes, I paid for my own bottles long before the contest and became a fan first.)

Now I wish they had more colors, like Frog Prince (green) and Bluebeard (navy) and Gingerbread Man (brown) and Snow Queen (white) and Thumbelina (baby pink) and Fairy Godmother (sparkling anything). I could do this for a very long time, so I'll stop now...

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