Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Nail Polish Giveaway Winner Week 3

We have our third week's winner of the Fairy Tale Nail Polish Giveaway (read more here). Using a random number selector, Heater became our second winner. She won a bottle of BB Couture Kiss of True Love.

We have only one more Friday left in August and one more bottle of polish to giveaway this month. Next week will be a bottle of Enchanted Forest by Orly. All who have already entered and not won are still entered for the rest of the month. The contest machine will continue to accept new entries until the end of the contest, too.

Congratulations to Olivia (this week's winner), Sprite (1st week's winner), Heather (2nd week's winner) and bonne chance to everyone else!

And thanks again to Kim at Overall Beauty for her donation to SurLaLune!

And, yes, I have something completely different as a giveaway next month, just in time for many of you to get back into the swing of the academic season. I'll make the announcement next week so stay tuned.

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