Friday, August 14, 2009

Fairy Tale Inspired: Bebaroque Hosiery

I discovered this article, Bebaroque is a real fairytale for designers Chloe and Mhairi, then had to go exploring, of course.

Bebaroque is based in the UK and offers fascinating hosiery designs, sometimes inspired by fairy tales and fairy tale illustrations. The inspiration is subtle and sometimes more apparent in name than appearance (see ones like Rapunzel and Gretel), but this doesn't mean the designs aren't beautiful. They are, or I wouldn't bother to write about them here. My particular favorite is the Limited Edition Tattoo My Body which I pictured above. Gretel is another favorite.

According to the article, the new Fall/Winter 2009 Collection was inspired by Russian fairy tales. For now, they design bodysuits and hosiery, but the article states they are considering adding a scarves line which I would love.

So while the fairy tale influence is subtle, it's always fun to see how fairy tales are inspiring creativity. I love textiles and always love to see beautiful designs like these.

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