Wednesday, August 20, 2014

New Book: Puss & Boots by Ayano Imai

Puss & Boots by Ayano Imai was released in May of this year here in the states. This has become one of my favorite picture book versions of Puss in Boots--note it is Puss & Boots here, for this one's different. And also a little harder to find in a book search with the clever word play. Oh well.

The story isn't quite the usual Puss in Boots but I like this version a lot. There's a shoemaker this time. And lots of boots of different sizes. And it is beautifully illustrated.

Book description:

A beloved fairy tale reimagined

A poor shoemaker must close his business as there is no work, but his cat is determined to save the shoemaker from his plight. Using a magnificent pair of boots and a sly plan, the trusty cat tempts a monster and tricks the beast into using his own vanity against himself. With the monster defeated, the shoemaker reopens his shop and can once again sell his beautiful shoes to the townspeople. A beautifully distinctive retelling of a classic tale, this children’s book features enchanting illustrations from acclaimed artist Ayano Imai.

Pssst. You can click on the images to see them larger and read some of the text.

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  1. Those illustrations are beautiful--and the story itself looks refreshing--and lovely. Also, that cat is cute.