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Fairy Tale Highlights of the American Folklore Society's 2014 Annual Meeting

The American Folklore Society's Annual Meeting is coming soon and the deadline to register at a discounted rate is August 31st. The Society's 2014 annual meeting will be held November 5-8 at the Santa Fe Convention Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico. My own attendance is still undecided but I highly recommend attending as well as becoming a member of AFS if you are not already.

I've pulled the fairy tale related papers from the 56 page program. There is always plenty to hear and see at the meeting but highlighting fairy tale discussions is SurLaLune's purpose. Looking through the papers, you can see a definite influence of ABC's Once Upon a Time and others on the current scholarship. I REALLY want to hear these papers, too, so now I get to see if the personal budget and schedule will accommodate me!

Channeling Wonder I: Televising Fairy-Tale Genders
Sponsored by the Folk Narrative Section and the Women's Section
See also 02-05

Claudia M. Schwabe (Utah State University), chair
8:00 Kirstian Lezubski (University of Winnipeg), The Power to Revolutionize the World, or
Absolute Gender Apocalypse? Queering the New Fairy-Tale Feminine in Revolutionary Girl Utena
8:30 Shuli Barzilai (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Catherine Breillat's Rescripting of
Charles Perrault's "Bluebeard"
9:00 Brittany Warman (The Ohio State University), Hearing Her Song: Examining (Feminist?)
Messages in the "Briar Rose" Episode of the Japanese Anime Grimms' Fairy Tale Classics
9:30 Patricia Sawin (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill), Things Walt Disney Didn't Tell
Us (But at Which Rodgers and Hammerstein at Least Hinted): The 1965 Made-for-TV Musical

Channeling Wonder II: Fairy-Tale (Un)Realities on Television
Sponsored by the Folk Narrative Section
See also 01-05

Pauline Greenhill (University of Winnipeg), chair
10:15 Jodi McDavid (Cape Breton University), Worlds Within Worlds: Depicting Fairy-tale
Superheroes in Children's Television
10:45 John Rieder (University of Hawai‘i, Manoa), The Fairy Tale and the Commercial:
Fractured Fairy Tales
11:15 Claudia M. Schwabe (Utah State University), Magic Realism in Grimm and Once Upon a
11:45 Cristina Bacchilega (University of Hawai‘i, Manoa), The Fairy Tale and the Commercial:
The Italian Carosello

At the Crossroads of Folk Narrative, TV, and Gender

Jeana S. Jorgensen (Butler University), chair
8:00 Kim Snowden (University of British Columbia), "What's In the Basket Little Girl?":
Reading Buffy as Little Red Riding Hood
8:30 Linda Lee (University of Pennsylvania), Rehabilitating the Child-Stealing Witch:
Motherhood and Magic in ABC's Once Upon a Time
9:00 Jeana S. Jorgensen (Butler University), Gendering Lost Girl: Transforming Fairy-Tale and
Legend Intertexts in TV
9:30 Cristina Bacchilega (University of Hawai‘i), discussant

Theory II

Shandi Lynne Wagner (Wayne State University), chair
8:00 Anne Arundel Locker-Thaddeus (Texas A&M University), Comparison in a Crowded
Field: Choosing a Folk Narrative Analysis Technique
8:30 John Laudun (University of Louisiana), Counting Tales: Towards a Computational Model
of Narrative
9:00 Valdimar Tr. Hafstein (University of Iceland), Andersen and the Grimms: Authors,
Editors, Folk
9:30 Shandi Lynne Wagner (Wayne State University), The Intersection of Folklore and Fairy
Tale in the Ghostly Little Red Riding Hood of Elizabeth Gaskell's "Curious, If True" (1860)

New Scholarship on German and Russian Folk-Tale Studies

Jeanmarie Rouhier-Willoughby (University of Kentucky) and Linda Worley (University of
Kentucky), chairs
2:00 Ann Schmiesing (University of Colorado, Boulder), Disability and Able-Bodiedness in the
Grimms' Fairy Tales
2:20 Veronica Muskheli (University of Washington, Seattle), Unsettling Representation of the
Forest in Northern Russian Memorates
2:40 Zora Kadyrbekova (McGill University), Human-Animal Relationships in Russian Fairy
3:00 Qinna Shen (Miami University of Ohio), Little "Red" Riding Hood and Soviet Influence on
DEFA Fairy-Tale Films
3:20 Izabela Zdun (McGill University), The Fairy Tale Genre in Lyudmila Petrushevskaya's
Works: The Interplay between Literature and Folklore

Shakespeare and Spenser: Early Modern Adaptations of Folklore
Sponsored by the Medieval and Early Modern Folklore Section

Kerry Kaleba (independent), chair
2:00 Charlotte Artese (Agnes Scott College), "Like the Old Tale": Shakespeare as Folktale
2:30 Sara Cleto (The Ohio State University), "Love, and Be Silent": Fairy Tale Conventions in
Shakespeare's King Lear
3:00 Joshua Commander (California State University, Stanislaus), The Hollow Christ, His
Brittle Glory, and His Sour Cross : An Examination of The Hollow Crown's Representation of
Shakespeare's Richard of Bordeaux as a Counterfeit of Christ
3:30 Amber N. Slaven (University of Louisiana, Lafayette), Continually at the Crossroads? The
Overlapping Liminality of Redcrosse Knight as a Fairy Changeling

Remapping 19th-Century Fairy Tales

Jennifer Schacker (University of Guelph), chair
10:15 Nancy Canepa (Dartmouth College), The Many Lives of Giambattista Basile's Neapolitan
10:45 Christine A. Jones (University of Utah), Victorian Perrault, or the Birth of a Fairy
11:15 Molly Clark Hillard (University of Seattle), Fairy Tales and Revolutions: Charles
Dickens's Bleak House
11:45 Jennifer Schacker (University of Guelph), Stage Folk: T. Crofton Croker's "Daniel O'
Rourke" at the Crossroads of Scholarship and Popular Culture

Diamond Session: At the Crossroads of Tales and Computers: Visualizing Fairy-Tale
Wonder through Filmographies and Computational Folkloristics

Jill T. Rudy (Brigham Young University), chair
2:00 Pauline Greenhill (University of Winnipeg), The International Fairy-Tale Filmography
(IFTF): Collaborating to Create a Digital Humanities Research Resource
2:10 Kendra Magnus-Johnston (University of Manitoba), Fairy Tales on TV: Archival
Methodologies for a Fairy-tale Teleography
2:20 Jill T. Rudy (Brigham Young University), Visualizing Fairy Tales on Television, or,
Everything Old is ATU Again
2:30 Madeleine Dresden (Brigham Young University), Glass Slippers and Small Screens: Rags
to Riches and the American Dream
2:40 discussion
3:00 Megan Armknecht (Brigham Young University), "Fractured Fairy Tales" and Rocky and
Bullwinkle for a Cold War Generation
3:10 Jessie Riddle (Brigham Young University), Red Hoods and Gold Locks: Motifs and Mash
Ups in Fairy-Tale Land
3:20 Kristy Stewart (Brigham Young University), Lost in the Genres: Hansel and Gretel across
TV Production Types

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