Thursday, August 1, 2013

New Book: The Fairest of Them All by Carolyn Turgeon

From my email inbox--I may eventually get to other emails, too! Although I despair at how far behind I am. I changed the Amazon links to SurLaLune affiliate links so buying from Amazon helps Carolyn and SurLaLune if you use them. The rest are not affiliated. And I think this is my favorite cover of all of Turgeon's books so far:

Dear Friends,

My new novel, The Fairest of Them All: A Novel, comes out next Tuesday from Simon & Schuster. It’s an adult novel (with teen crossover appeal), and my first fairy-tale mash-up, about Rapunzel growing up to be Snow White’s stepmother. Eleanor Brown calls it “intricate, inventive, and charged with magic.” Jamie Ford says he “loved this unexpected spin on the story of Rapunzel, this strong-willed devourer of hearts.” Caroline Leavitt says that it “unfolds like a waking dream, with prose that shimmers like cut diamonds.” You can read more praise for it here. And here’s an excerpt.

Because of an ongoing battle between Simon & Schuster and Barnes & Noble, The Fairest of Them All will not be in brick-and-mortar Barnes & Nobles—and this may have a devastating impact on the book’s success. To support me or my books, please consider doing any or all of the following to help:

  • Buy The Fairest of Them All for yourself and your friends
  • Buy it for your enemies as a long-overdue peace offering
  • Proclaim your love for it as often as possible—in person and/or via Twitter/Facebook/your blog
  • Attend any of the events listed here and/or suggest them to your friends in those cities
  • Write an online review for The Fairest of Them All on Amazon and/or Goodreads
  • Recommend it to any book reviewers/radio hosts/media types/movie stars you know
  • Recommend it to book clubs, friends in book clubs, or your own book club
  • Look for it at your local bookstore and request it if it’s not in stock
  • Tell friends that you will no longer love them if they don’t go buy it immediately
  • Read it conspicuously on buses while exclaiming loudly about its merits
  • Request that your local library add the book to its collection
  • Come up with awesome ideas for promoting The Fairest of Them All and email them to me

I will be eternally grateful to you, whatever you can do to help. Thank you!


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