Friday, August 23, 2013

Grimm Season One on Sale and Slight Thoughts on the Series

Grimm: Season One is currently $19.99 on Amazon, 50% off list price. It usually ranges about $32 during the year, but with the new season about to begin, the set is discounted for a short while.

And while we are here, I never imagined this series would end up getting a third season! I'm not an avid watcher but I personally enjoy it more than OUAT if I turn off my fairy tale analyzing brain. The series has solved some of its problems by introducing more female character regulars as well as other tweaks. And, of course, there is always Monroe. And Rosalee.

One of my favorite aspects of both shows, OUAT and Grimm? My internal character analysis of people once they "confess" which show they prefer. It's like a pop culture fairy tale Rorschach test. Telling me which one you prefer tells me very quickly a few things about you. None of it judgmental, mind you, just a bit about your entertainment tastes and a few personality traits perhaps, too. And how they tell me reveals more, too. Many of the OUATers are apologetic (in both senses of the word: 1. regretful acknowledgment and 2. reasoned justifcation) for their tastes while the Grimm fans aren't. Some of it is as simple as "dark is cool" so they don't need to defend Grimm, I guess, and yet OUAT has a much larger fan base overall.

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