Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Preview for CW's Beauty and the Beast

Oh, yes, I am behind on this. Other bloggers have already covered this on their blogs. And I don't have much to say about it. So I've kept putting it off. But I don't want to any longer and I did want it here on the blog.

It has been so long since I've watched the "inspiration" series for this series and I admit the preview inspired me to want to watch the pilot to that series more than this one.

Then there's the poster. Which really disappoints me--and I think misses the mark on the Beast--since I know for a fact that many fan of the original series adored the makeup and beastliness the makeup chair gave Ron Perlman. (And also have affection for his times as Hellboy, too.) This new beast is not a beast! It is rather laughable, actually. Someone has forgotten that a good actor with a great character to play will appeal more to the women viewers than a pretty face that is a dime a dozen on police dramas.

Is anyone else interested in an online viewing party of the original Hamilton/Perlman pilot episode sometime before this new one premieres?

Now I am even more curious about the ABC iteration we will also be treated to. The only recent news on it is that the star, Ruth Bradley, has been retained with ABC on a holding contract--if the series doesn't get picked up or renewed, she can be hired by them for another series, so they are hopeful at that studio.


  1. Just read the description of this show on the CW website- what a disappointment! They've reworked the story so much it's barely recognizable. The worst thing as far as I'm concerned is that they've completely removed the Romantic elements- and I mean Romantic with a capital 'R': ie. lion-like, caped and hooded Vincent in his secret library quoting poetry. Now he's a male-model hunky Afghanistan vet/scientist who only becomes a "beast"- well, sort of- when he's ticked off- like the Hulk! I don't think fans of the original will be pleased with this, but teen girls who are into werewolves probably will. Oh well...

  2. OMG I can hardly look at him and his hideous scar! *irony*

    The old series was much much better. This series looks like isnt not even fit to be inspired by that one. >_<