Monday, June 18, 2012

New Book: Home From the Sea: An Elemental Masters Novel by Mercedes Lackey

Home From the Sea: An Elemental Masters Novel by Mercedes Lackey was released earlier this month. This is the latest book in her Elemental Masters series. It is inspired by selkie tales with perhaps a touch of The Little Mermaid (not sure about that) instead of the more usual fairy tales the series has drawn from previously.

Book description:

In Edwardian Britain, magic is real. And Masters of the Elements control Fire, Water, Air, and Earth...

Mari Prothero has lived all her life with her father, Daffyd, in a tiny fishing village on the coast of Wales. Though Daffyd takes his boat out on the sea regardless of weather, Mari has learned not to fear for his safety, for her father is a Water mage, and always comes home safely with a large catch. Mari knows that in her family, children are expected to marry at eighteen, to an appropriate stranger. However, Mari is a fledgling Water Master with a rebellious nature. She has no intention of agreeing to any arranged marriage. But Mari has yet to learn the truth of the magical heritage that must be protected by these very marriages. For the Protheros are descended from Selkies—magical beings who are able to change from seals to humans—and to continue her line, she must marry a full-blooded Selkie...

So is anyone a fan of this series? I enjoyed the first books of this series but my affection has waned with the later books although I haven't read this one or last year's release, Unnatural Issue: An Elemental Masters Novel, which interests me with its Donkeyskin and Lord Peter Wimsey inspirations. With the price drop in ebook to correspond to the paperback release, I guess it's time I move it up my TBR list!


  1. I am a fan of the series, but I have to agree that the last few have been underwhelming. I wish we'd gotten a bit more character time with the selkies and Mari, especially; it would have made for a better book.


  2. I've enjoyed the series but I admit I was disappointed in Unnatural Issue -- the ties to the fairy tale were tenuous at best and there was just so much TELLING.

    It's kind of interesting how Lackey is tying her Elemental storyline into the history of WWI but it's not really my favorite and not done with enough depth to be gripping on its own terms.

    I hate to be all negative, because I have been a fan of Lackey for a long time (like since middle school!) and it's a pretty quick light read that DOES tie into a lesser known fairy tale, so it's not like a waste of time. Just... definitely not my favorite.

  3. Unfortunately I have to agree with the two other commentators. UNNATURAL ISSUES was a big disappointment. Especially since the idea behind it was great; I just wish Mercedes Lackey had explored her idea more.

    I tend to like her 500 Kingdoms-Books more - true, these ones are much more cheesy, but they are light and fun to read.