Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Grimm Legacies 2012: External Reports

Yes, I am behind on recapping the Grimm Legacies--I also felt that my many posts devoted to Dickens yesterday were more than enough for anyone's reading yesterday. So the recap will go on for a few weeks and one paper is spawning a brief series on SurLaLune--more about that later.

For now, I wanted to share a link to The Harvard Crimson's coverage of the event at Folk and Myth Talks Grimm By Melanie A. Guzman:

University of Minnesota professor Jack D. Zipes, who has authored numerous books on the Grimms’ tales, delivered the keynote address Friday on the pair’s legacy. “The Brothers Grimm have [had] a very unusual reception in Germany and a lot of their fairy tales have been sanitized and infantilized and really not been acknowledged as profound contributions to German culture,” Zipes said. “I showed, however, that there is another level in Germany where they take these stories extremely seriously and produce great illustrations based on their work.”

Folklore and Mythology Chair Maria Tatar delivered Saturday’s welcome address, entitled “Magic and Mythical: 200 Years of Brothers Grimm.”

“I wanted to show how [the tales’] magic has a mythical quality to it,” said Tatar, who teaches Folklore and Mythology 90i: “Fairy Tales and Fantasy Literature.” “They take us to the great existential mysteries, questions about death, reproduction, love, romance, power, all of these fundamental matters,” Tatar said.

And Gypsy over at Once Upon a Blog has archived the tweets from Twitter about the symposium on her blog, too. Thanks for taking the time to do that, Gypsy!

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