Thursday, February 9, 2012

Film Short: Three Beauties by Tiffanie Hsu

Three Beauties from Tiffanie Hsu on Vimeo.

"Three Beauties" is a short film by Tiffanie Hsu, a student film that won her a Hoopes Prize at Harvard. Ruth Lingford wanted to share this film during her presentation of “Animating the Grimms” at Grimm Legacies, but time ran out after the DVD didn't cooperate.

So I went ahunting and found it on Vimeo and had to share it here. Enjoy!3

From Hsu's description of the film:

A three cultures' tale of Beauty and the Beast.

This animation takes strands from the various evolutions of the "Beauty and the Beast" myth that have evolved across the world and weaves them into its own unique tale. See if you can figure out to which cultures and larger myths each piece belongs.

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