Friday, April 1, 2011

Coming in April: National Poetry Month and More

Youth Art Month is over and so is my month long endeavour to share a fairy tale picture book daily. (I did quite well, I only missed one day!) I am considering making picture book illustrations a more regular feature on the blog, since I built up my library of images during this past month. Chime in with a comment if you enjoyed the feature and would like to see more of it on at least a weekly basis.

So today is April Fool's--there will be no April Fooling here today mostly due to lack of inspiration--but it is also the beginning of National Poetry Month. The new goal is to share a fairy tale related poem each day of the month. This is a harder task because I won't post entire copyrighted poems without permission which is often time consuming so mostly I am limited to sharing older ones that are now public domain. I kicked off the month with Cinderella at Home by Richard Warwick Bond which is more about the fairy godmother. It is nonsensical in places, but has some great lines, too.

There will be some other themes and feature this month, too. I still owe us all a full fledged fairy tale films week--time constraints inhibited its completion--as well as some other themes. Expect a tribute to Bluebeard when the new Bluebeard Tales From Around the World launches.

The SurLaLune Giveaway continues, too.

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