Saturday, December 26, 2009

Snow Queen Week: P. J. Lynch

I skipped to Golden Age illustrators the last few days, but was determined to also share P.J. Lynch's illustrations for The Snow Queen. Like so many others, Lynch is experienced with illustrating fairy tales and has many beautiful picture books. While the book was first published many years ago, a new edition (pictured above) was released this year. Or so it was if you live in the UK, for it was not rereleased in the U.S. Perhaps next year...for now, you can order from or order used editions (or should we call them collectables?) from and other used booksellers.

P.J. Lynch also has a wonderful online gallery with images from many of his books available on his website. See The Snow Queen Gallery. And isn't that image from the original cover above very reminiscent of one by Dulac? Well, for that matter the new one is reminiscent of another Dulac, too.

And here are the requisite images of Gerda and the Reindeer.

And because it is that time of year, I also can't recommend highly enough Lynch's illustrations for O. Henry's The Gift of the Magi, my favorite picture book version of the story. And his East o' The Sun, West o' The Moon is one of my favorites, too. (Here's an Amazon link for that one, also out of print, alas.)

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  1. Hi Heidi
    Thanks so much for including me on your blog. I'm a big fan of Surlalune.
    I've just posted something on my bog about Dulac and his influence on my version of The Snow Queen.
    You can click on the link " Borrowing from Dulac" below and read all about it.
    Very best wishes