Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Birthday, SurLaLune!

Today SurLaLune Fairy Tales turns 11 years old. I launched the site in late December 1998, shortly after I graduated with my Master of Information Science. As the story goes, I had annotated a fairy tale--Bluebeard--for an HTML programming project in an extra class I took that last semester. I had wanted to learn more about my new husband's work, he being a graphic designer specializing in web work.

Well, the project was supposed to be more about my programming skills and not so much about the content. I, being me, spent more time on the content--although the basic HTML did get me an A. I wanted to annotate more tales, so using my knowledge and the materials I had, I added a few more and then launched the site on my free AOL hosting space at that time--which is how SurLaLune got its name--it was my screen name from years earlier.

I eventually bought a domain name, of course, as the site began to pay for itself through Amazon links although my original intent (and still somewhat now) is the free usage of Amazon images as an associate. I wanted lots of imagery and then people kept asking where they could find the books so links solved that type of email usually.

A year later, we added a scanner to our household which meant the addition of many illustrations and as I learned to use OCR technology, old texts of fairy tales, too. Then there has been more annotated tales themselves and the constant upkeep of new releases, be they books, movies or other media.

Eleven years later, the site has grown by leaps and bounds.

I still have the husband, too. His support--both emotional and financial with a little bit of programming help at times--has kept the site going, too. He'd love to help me move over to an even snazzier design and newer programming codes, but the backlog makes me dizzy. So for now SurLaLune stays mostly as it is with a blog added this year and regular content updates. It has visitors from over 160 countries around the world each year, many of whom don't have access to the materials otherwise. I'm perhaps most proud of that as well as how much I've learned and the friendships I've made over the years.

So thanks for coming along on the journey. I hope to add several more years to the site and I wouldn't have a purpose for it all without visitors and readers like you. Thanks for stopping by...

PS: I have finally completed the final edits on my draft entries for last week's Snow Queen Week. I have pushed the posts to live for their original dates, so please page down on the blog if you want to see them. (It's far from all I had planned, but perhaps I'll do another week sometime in January.)

We had a few family concerns and other demands over the holidays--including an unexpected death--which have kept me rather tied up and unable to do my usual posting and news searching. I doubt many of you have noticed with your own celebrations and distractions the past several days. This week may be unpredictable on my posting, but I plan to be back to full speed by January 4th when we all supposedly resume "normal" lifestyles again. And, despite the sadness, I had a wonderful Christmas, so all is well, just stressful at the moment!


  1. Happy birthday! I'm new to SurLaLune so I love the background information. So glad you put together this site. It's a jewel.

  2. Many happy returns of the day!

  3. Happy birthday SurLaLune! I've been with you since almost the beginning (I think around the 8 month old mark?) though I just lurked and enjoyed and learned from the amazing people commenting on the discussion board for many, many years. As someone who has had to mainly rely on libraries and the web over the years for texts, criticism, discussions etc SurLaLune was a godsend to find - a whole community! Who would have thought? Thank you for your tireless work over the last decade-plus Heidi. The blog is a perfect addition. I love it all. You are the fairy godmother of the fairy tale world. Thank you again.

  4. Happy Birthday! Surlalune is hands down one of my very favourite websites. Thank you for everything that you do :)

  5. Happy birthday to SurLaLune! I'm so very very glad to have found your site two years back. It rekindled my old love of fairy tales and let me know that I'm not the only one with such an attachment to them. I love your blog and regularly follow it, and am so appreciative of all of the effort you put into it. Thank you for sticking it out!

  6. Happiest of anniversaries to and your site have made my life the richer in the years since I first stumbled upon you. I am sorry for your loss over the holiday season; soon everything will settle back into normal rhythms, and I for one am looking forward to that!

  7. Happy Birthday SurLaLune! And thank you Heidi for all your amazing work!

    SurLaLune is an amazing resource, it's my favourite website and although I've visited it almost daily for the last two years I still keep coming across more of your gems!

    Thank you for all the amazing work you put into it, for sharing it with us all, and for making it freely available so it can be accessed by anyone, anywhere. Whenever I meet someone else who loves fairy tales SurLaLune is one of the first things mentioned!

  8. Happy birthday, SurLaLune! I'm a relatively new reader of the blog, but I've been relying on the MARVELOUS website for three or four years. Thank you for all the hard work!