Friday, December 25, 2009

Snow Queen Week: Honor Appleton

Merry Christmas!

I had the opportunity to travel to London in November of 2006. When I was perusing the items in the gift shop at the V&A Museum, I looked down and discovered holidays cards with the above image on the front. I did a doubletake and realized it was one of Honor Appleton's illustrations for The Snow Queen, one that had been on SurLaLune for several years. I was delighted to see it and realized once again how popular images of Gerda and the Reindeer are. Note to illustrators: ALWAYS include the image of Gerda and the Reindeer if you are illustrating this tale.

And that is why this one greets you on Christmas, because it reminds me of Christmas and shopping in London, not something I have done much in my life. I am happily home with family and loved ones this holiday after a frantic month. I hope all of you enjoy this time of year and enjoy some of the magic of the season, whichever holiday you choose to celebrate.

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