Friday, July 1, 2011

My Little Sandbox Mermaid and Friends

My Little Sandbox Mermaid and Friends Okay, I thought this was rather adorable. It reminds me of a friend's zen garden everyone played with all the time at parties when I was in grad school. (Waves at Valerie!) We were future librarians and information scientists, so the parties weren't filled with Hollywood debauchery, just friends and fun and the occasional bouts with quirky toys.

There is a whole series of themes for these--including Pirates, Dinosaurs, and Beach Party--but the mermaid one with its blue sand and, well, mermaids, had to be shared here.

This is fun for kids, but I can assure you that if it fits with your decor, it makes a fun coffee table conversation piece, too. I rather wish there was a fairy tale themed one although it wouldn't work well in my house so that's probably a good thing.

Links to two different sellers:

My Little Sandbox Mermaid and Friends Mermaid And Friends Sandbox Playset

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  1. There is a princess dreams one...