Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Maiden in the Tower by Bewilder and Pine

Here's a recent Etsy find, this one from Bewilder and Pine which also has some adorable fairy houses on stars which I learned about first.

This one The Maiden in the Tower. Here's a description:

Bewilder and Pine presents "The Maiden in the Tower", a handmade and hand-painted polymer clay tower that is styled after the traditional Folly towers of European gardens and with regard to the tower in the Grimm Fairy Tale, Rapunzel.


Fashioned after the old stone follies of Europe this little tower is formed, textured and finished by hand. Then painted in traditional stone colors and it sits upon a landscaped surrounding of grass, stone and brush. Details such as the ivy clinging up the walls are also added by hand. . The HO figure on the balcony of the tower is included. She is not attached so some gluing will be required. Also, the toweris not permanently affixed to the base. It can be if so desired before shipping though I know some model and miniature enthusiasts prefer to landscape their own. Just let us know!

It can be used as a personal reminder upon an altar or a mantle or it can be used in modeling of HO scale railroads and scenes.

We can also customize a tower scene for you if you have a special tower you are drawn to in the world. Any custom order may take a bit of time to complete and to work out a price.

The Maiden in the Tower stands just under 5 inches tall and the base is 3 1/2 inches at it's widest point.


There are many fairy tales similar to rapunzel and featuring the Maiden in the Tower theme.

Below is just a partial list of these that I am aware of.

Anthousa the Fair with Golden Hair
The Fair Angiola *
The Fated Marriage
The Garden Witch
The Girl on the Island
The Godchild of the Fairy in the Tower
The Lady of Shalott *
Louliyya, Daughter of Morgan
The Maiden in the Tower
Petrosinella *
The Princess; or, Fair One of the World
Prunella *
Rapunzel *
Uzembeni; or, Usikulumi’s Courtship
The White Cat *

* - indicates full text is available online just google it!

And guessing from that description, SurLaLune was referenced for that list! Just see my Tales Similar to Rapunzel page. And find more Rapunzel and Maiden in the Tower tales in Rapunzel and Other Maiden in the Tower Tales From Around the World: Fairy Tales, Myths, Legends and Other Tales About Maidens in Towers.

Here are some more images. The maiden isn't very fairy talesque, but the tower is pretty much perfect. Love!

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