Saturday, July 9, 2011

Mermaid Bookends and Statues

It's Saturday. Here's some mermaid pretties, bookends and statues.

Cast Iron Mermaid Bookends Book Ends Antiqued Finish

Mermaid Bookends

Mermaid Bookends

Bronze Mermaid Bookends

Cast Iron Mermaid Bookends Book Ends Distressed Finish

Pair of Cast Iron Mermaid Bookends with a Rustic Brown Finish

Cast Iron Sitting Mermaid Figure Nautical Decor Statue

MERMAID WITH DOLPHIN & CONCH STATUE Fantasy Sculpture Figurine Antique Bronze Finish

Cast Iron Mermaid Garden Figure

Bronzed Finish Mermaid Baby In Clam Shell Statue

Mermaid With Dolphin Figurine Decoration Statue Decor Collectible

Leaning Cast Iron Mermaid Garden Figure

Cast Iron Laying Mermaid Figure ~ Nautical Garden Decor

Iron Sitting Mermaid Holding Starfish

1 comment:

  1. I would love to have the leaning mermaid in my garden! I need a garden first, though. I don't think it would look good in my patch of weeds.

    The bookends are great! I want a pair!

    New follower, BTW.