Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Beauty and the Beast Book Sculpture by Raidersofthelostart

I discovered this through Tales of Faerie despite my best intentions to scout through Etsy for more wonderful fairy tale finds. (But I haven't had the time of late!). Raidersofthelostart has transformed a vintage Beauty and the Beast book into a sculpture. Lovely.

From the seller:

Beauty and the Beast and other stories is a antique book, altered, and preserved in a Plexiglas special designed museum quality case .

The book was published in 1879 as a illustration book and was rescued hand carved into an exquisite piece of art. The book like all books I use, needed repair and was was in unsatisfactory condition, altering took much care.

The book is 9x7 inches and filled with lovely illustrations from a time gone by. The illustrations were hand picked and carved to stand up inside the book. No pages were removed from the final piece.

Beauty and the Beast comes with a glass display box 14x12x8 and gives an exquisite look to the final product. a black stand is included to display the book inside the case.

Special care will be taken for delivery to insure it arrives to your home.

A lovely original one of kind display for any home.

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  1. There is no price attached to this item, I would be interested in this , is this item for sale ??

    Thank you