Saturday, July 16, 2011

Manhattan Toy's Mermaid Groovy Girls

I fell in love with Manhattan Toy years ago when I was a newbie librarian and used the company's finger puppet line, including Storytime Cinderella FP Boxed Set and Storytime Little Red Riding Hood FP Boxed Set and Storytime Three Little Pigs FP Boxed Set. Alas, my favorite set, for Three Billy Goats Gruff is long discontinued. But I own it and cherish it! I own the mermaid finger puppets that are also long discontinued. There is only one around these days from the Manhattan Toy A Day in Fantasyland Boxed Set. My youngest niece is also in love with her Manhattan Toy Stella Doll.

But for today, I wanted to share Manhattan Toy's Mermaid Groovy Girls line which is quite charming. They come in several ethnicities and hair colors. I love toys that aren't tied in with a movie or tv show although Manhattan Toy has teamed up with book characters in the past, most notably Dr. Seuss books.

And, so, here they are:

Groovy Girls Maddie Mermaid

Groovy Girls Macy Mermaid

Groovy Girls MacKenna Mermaid

Groovy Girls Maya Mermaid

Manhattan Toy Aqualina Groovy Girl Mermaid

Groovy Girls Dreamtastic Melina Mermaid - Turquoise hair

Groovy Girl -Myra Mermaid

Groovy Girls Chauncey Seahorse

Groovy Girls Aqualicious Lounger

And while we are here, another offering from Manhattan Toy:

Groovy Girls Maddie Mermaid Girl Size Dress


  1. These are really adorable. When I was a little girl I never had a chance to have mermaid dolls and after seeing these dolls I thought it was never too late to have one.

  2. Girls will surely love these toys, they have a wild imagination especially when it comes to this kinds of toys, They really imagine that they are underwater.