Thursday, August 13, 2020

Help SurLaLune: Folklore Graduate Studies, Resources, Etc.

Hello all,

I've been working on getting SurLaLune updated now that the new site is launched and under various stages of updating and reconstruction. That's a long story I'm not going to share here and now.

One of the pages I would like to attack the fastest is the page recommending Graduate Studies. This page is severely outdated. But soon it won't be! And I need your help to get it updated.

Please share your knowledge of undergraduate and graduate studies in Folklore, Fairy Tales and even Children's Literature or others studies if you like. We don't all approach the topic the same way. Depending on what the final information is gathered for this, I will perhaps change the page title, too.

Things I am looking for:

  • Names of schools with related undergraduate or graduate programs
  • Testimonials of people of where and how they have done their own approach to Folklore and Fairy Tale studies--I myself came at this through an Information Science degree over two decades ago. I don't have a formal degree in Folklore or Fairy Tale Studies and neither do some of the top names in the field. 
  • Organizations and publications dedicated to the studies of folklore and fairy tales. 

My short list includes the list below:


American Folklore Society (


Marvels & Tales (

Journal of American Folklore (

Fairy Tale Review (

Studies Programs:

Folklore & Ethnomusicology        M.A.      IU Bloomington (

Folklore & Ethnomusicology        Ph.D.     IU Bloomington (

Folklore & Ethnomusicology        B.A.        IU Bloomington (

So PLEASE, use the comments below or email me directly at fairytales at any recommended content for the updated page. If you have ideas of other content to include on this page, please share them, too. I want this to be a useful resource! And as accurate and up-to-date as possible.



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