Thursday, February 14, 2019

Beauty and the East - A Short Film by Dhruv Uday Singh

Content Warning: Strong Language

The above film has strong language which I usually avoid sharing since SurLaLune is for all ages.

The gist of the film is what Belle's reaction is when the beast is disenchanted and ends up being Indian--and a different race from her--not the blonde white prince she imagined.

The film provides a good opportunity to explore expectations when reading or watching fairy tales. Or discuss how much appearance fuels love and its expectations. Many of the bases are covered here of previous discussions I've read, witnessed, etc. over the years of disenchanted princes. Even the fact that many would be happier with the Beast instead no matter what his human appearance is! "Change him back!" I've heard people demand. This adds an additional spin to that desire.

My favorite line: “Belle, the whole time you’ve known me, I’ve been a very hairy brown guy. I didn’t transform from a polar bear or a … a @#*&@ swan!”

The film's primary info:

A short film about the intersection of race, gender, and fairytale dog-men.

Written, Edited, and Directed by Dhruv Uday Singh
with Contributions by Jason M. Palmer

Produced by Tayler Vee Robinson

Cate Scott Campbell as Belle
Dhruv Uday Singh as the Prince

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