Friday, June 17, 2016

New Book: Story Emporium: Five Funky Fairy Tale Plays by Dean Calusdian

Story Emporium: Five Funky Fairy Tale Plays by Dean Calusdian was released in May.

Book description:

Welcome to The Story Emporium where your favorite fables are sold and told!
A collection of fairy tale plays filled with witty humor, word play and wacky characters.

In a thrilling tale of nature gone berserk, the PIED PIPER must save the town of Hamlin from an invasion of rats. But are the townspeople willing to pay the price?

Trapped in a tower with nothing but straw, a poor maiden must turn to the aid of the mysterious man known only as RUMPLESTILTSKIN. But she doesn't realize who she's dealing with.

The barnyard is on the brink of destruction and there is no time for baking bread. Only the LITTLE RED HEN can save the day when Farmageddon is at hand.

You'll experience the giant excitement of JACK AND THE BEANSTALK and be enthralled by Snow White, the classic tale of power, betrayal and deadly fruit.

Story Emporium is packed with irreverent humor that keeps older students and parents thoroughly entertained without losing the charm and warmth of the stories young children know and love.

Each individual tale has a cast size of 4-7 performers. The full length play can be performed with a cast as flexible as 8-48, making it a directors dream.

Story Emporium is ideal for educational theater programs, The individual plays are quick to memorize and rehearse, with each role created to give students equal opportunities.

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