Monday, June 20, 2016

Bargain Ebook: Snow White by Donald Barthelme

Snow White by Donald Barthelme is on sale for $3.99 in ebook format, down from its usual $10.99. I've owned it in paper for at least fifteen years and have never read it. Maybe now that I have it on my Kindle it will move us the list!

Book description:

An inventive, satiric modern retelling of the classic fairy tale provides an incisive and biting commentary on the absurdities and complexities of modern life.

In Snow White, Donald Barthelme subjects the traditional fairy tale to postmodern aesthetics. In the novel, the seven dwarves are men who live communally with Snow White and earn a living by washing buildings and making Chinese baby food. Snow White quotes Mao and the dwarves grapple with low self-esteem in this raucous retelling of the classic tale.

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