Thursday, October 29, 2015

New Book: Be Your Own Fairy Tale: Working with Storytelling for Positive Life Change by Alison Davies

Be Your Own Fairy Tale: Working with Storytelling for Positive Life Change by Alison Davies is a new release. I admit I don't share many of the self-help titles that use fairy tale themes, but this one caught my eye with it's beautiful cover and interior illustrations which I am sharing below. I think the illustrator is Paul Oakley. I've also provided a screen shot of the list of fairy tales discussed in the book.

Book description:

In this practical and inspiring book, author Alison Davies shows how to use fairy tales to gain confidence, find romance, and discover your own personal yellow brick road. From Sleeping Beauty, symbol of transformation, to the 'rescuer' Prince Charming, to the scary, shapeshifting wolf in Little Red Riding Hood, the characters in these fabulous stories are embedded deep in our imagination and conjure up feelings that we can all identify with on some level. We can use fairy tales to understand what really makes us tick, to access our primal nature and rediscover the latent power within. They can help us to break bad habits, overcome obstacles and emerge from the chrysalis to make our mark in the world.

Working with fairy tales can be as easy as aligning to a character in a tale and then putting a positive spin on it. Sometimes the simple act of 'making it real', by living out the story in your mind, can change the way you think and behave. Davies offers a whole host of tips and practical exercises for working with the symbols, characters and storylines in fairy tales. These include storyboarding your own fairy tale to boost your creativity, devising a quest to build energy and confidence, identifying your inner hero to help with problem solving and learning how to be your own fairy godmother in order to bring the changes you want into your life!

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  1. Sounds very interesting-and fantastic illustrations!

  2. Is the text all script or only the pages with the illustrations? I actually like reading plain ol' serif or sans serif, left alignment. It's worked for hundreds of years. I don't wanna be a sour puss. I'm actually working on a fairy tale about situations in my life right now. Not sure how public I can make it yet. But the whole point of fairy tales was to be instructional. Not just a place to retreat into, a fantasy. There's always lessons to be learned. If one wants to go there. Thanks Heidi. LOVE your posts!!