Friday, April 5, 2013

Pottery Barn Kids: Princess and the Pea Dolls

From Pottery Barn Kids: Princess and the Pea Dolls:

The comical tale of The Princess and the Pea has amused children for generations and was the inspiration behind our exclusive dolls. Both feature extra-long, skinny limbs, an embroidered face and a sweet outfit.

14" wide x 4" deep x 30" high

Made of soft linen and cotton jersey with embroidered faces and braided yarn hair.

Dresses are sewn from a medley of fabrics including velvet, felt, percale and ribbon. Ages 2 and up.

I wonder at a copywriter who uses "comical tale" instead of "fairy tale" but perhaps the only thought was of Once Upon a Mattress?

Thanks for sharing, Val!

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