Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cinderella and the Magic and Fairy-tale Dice (Story Telling Game)

Magic and Fairy-tale Dice (Story Telling Game) dropped in price overnight to 27% off on Amazon--if it hasn't already gone up--and I decided to finally acquire them. I imagine there are things I will prefer about these over the Once Upon A Time Storytelling Card Game. The dice are backordered but that is better since I can fudge them into a Christmas present for myself.

The fun game, one I can only play right now, is to pick a die and pull a Cinderella out of my head that incorporates that image. I mean a written Cinderella, not one of my own creation. There's just so many of them...and my head is a temporary database of them. Seriously, every single one of the images below on the dice can conjure up a Cinderella tale for me. Well, the bow and arrow might be pushing it. But if it were a sword...I could do that. Trees and pumpkins? Too easy. Even if you don't use Grimms or Perrault. It's more fun if you don't! Quick, name a tale in which Cinderella disguises herself as a gourd! But ghosts, frogs, cats? I can do those, too. When Cinderella Tales From Around the World is finally released, you will be able to play, too, with a simple word search of the ebook. It could be a really boring parlor game.

Product description:

Revive the art of storytelling using these nine beautifully illustrated wooden dice to create the most imaginative, funny, and bizarre stories. This is the perfect family game that will stimulate the imaginations of children and adults alike. Ideal for playing by a log fire.

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