Thursday, August 2, 2012

Grimm (and you) in Lisbon Conference Mini Recap

I posted about the "Grimm (and you) in Lisbon" conference when it was announced and one regular reader here was able to attend. I am sharing a slightly edited version of her email to me as well as a link to the program online. Be quick if you are interested for many of the papers presented are downloadable as PDFs but apparently will not be online much longer.

I was happy to participate in the "Grimm (and you) in Lisbon" conference--see the Program here--which took part from 21st till 23rd of June. It was a great experience--to meet remarkable people, to hear so many different approaches to brothers Grimms' heritage, to admire beautiful Lisbon (and Sintra!)... In my paper "Interpreting Grimms' Tales on Puppet Theatre Stage" I shared my experience in working upon "The Sleeping beauty", "Rapunzel" and "Hansel and Gretel". I mentioned your wonderful site "SurLaLune Fairy Tales" where I found material for my dramatization of "Rapunzel"... If you are interested, you can read some of the papers in the site of the conference, which is going to be closed by the end of the month. Sorry for writing you so late, but in the last few weeks I was busy with another projects here, in Bulgaria.

Wishing you to be always full of energy and to have a wonderful summer, with lots of joy and some peaceful moments for yourself!

Thank you for your wonderful blog!

Most sincerely: Rossichka

You can read and see some pictures of her trip on her blog, too.

Thank you for sharing, Rossichka! I'm happy you were able to attend the conference. There are still two more Grimm conferences in Europe this year, one in September and one in December.


  1. Thank you for sharing the information on your turn, Heidi! I hope there'll be people who will find "their" papers in the site and thus the Grimm conference will find new friends! Thanks also for giving the link to my blog - it's very kind of you! I didn't expect it at all... Warm greetings!:)))

  2. How does one get to download any of the papers or have they been taken down already? I only could find the movies. It's exciting to read just the program!