Tuesday, August 28, 2012

American Folklore Society's 2012 Annual Meeting

The American Folklore Society's Annual Meeting is coming soon and the deadline to register at a discounted rate is August 31st. "The Society's 2012 annual meeting (its 124th such gathering) will be held on October 24-27 at the historic Hotel Monteleone in New Orleans, Louisiana." My own attendance is still undecided but I highly recommend attending as well as becoming a member of AFS if you are not already.

I've pulled the fairy tale related papers from the 60 page program. There is always plenty to hear and see at the meeting but highlighting fairy tale discussions is SurLaLune's purpose.

Here they are:

Fairy Tales I: Uses and Reinventions
(See also 17-16)
Corrie M. Kiesel (Louisiana State University), chair
8:00 Robin Parent (Utah State University), From Martyr to Hero: Exploring Young
Adult Agency in Dystopian Stories Through the Intersection of Fairy Tale and
8:30 Anne E. Duggan (Wayne State University), Fairy Tale and Melodrama:
Rewriting "Sleeping Beauty" and "Cinderella" in Lola and The Umbrellas of
9:00 Danielle M. Roemer (Northern Kentucky University), Sara Gallardo's "The
Bluestone Emperor's Thirty-Three Wives": The Toxicity of the Fairy Tale Ideal
9:30 Corrie M. Kiesel (Louisiana State University), Restaging Blame: "Female
Curiosity!! and Male Atrocity!!!" in Victorian Bluebeard Dramas

Fairy Tales II: Study and Translation
(See also 09-12)
Esther Clinton (Bowling Green State University), chair
8:00 Miriam Shrager (Indiana University), Pagan Origins of Russian Fairytales
8:30 Christine A. Jones (University of Utah), Charles Perrault's Patois: On
French Fairy Tales and the Art of Translation
9:00 Esther Clinton (Bowling Green State University), Roland as Helper in the
Female Hero's Flight

Grim(m) Monsters: Revising Fairy Tale Monstrosity in Fantastic Literature
Sponsored by the Folk Narrative Section
Royal A
Linda J. Lee (University of Pennsylvania), chair
10:15 Brittany B. Warman (The Ohio State University), Sleeping Monsters:
Reclaiming the Scandalous History of "Sleeping Beauty"
Updated 7/18/12
10:45 Linda J. Lee (University of Pennsylvania), Grim(m) Metamorphoses: Shape-
Shifting Heroes in Fantastic Fiction
11:15 Sara Cleto (The Ohio State University), Beauty and the Beast Within: New
Visions of Monstrosity in an Old Tale
11:45 K. Elizabeth Spillman (LeMoyne College), Revising "The Robber
Bridegroom": Stepmonsters and Murderesses

Transgressive Tales I: Grimms' Bad Girls and Old Women
Sponsored by the LGBTQA Section and the Folk Narrative Section
(See also 13-04)
Royal B
Pauline Greenhill (University of Winnipeg), chair
1:30 Andrew Friedenthal (University of Texas, Austin), The Lost Sister: Lesbian
Eroticism and Female Empowerment in "Snow White and Rose Red"
2:00 Kay F. Turner (New York University), Rising in Flame: Lesbian Anticipation
in Grimms' "Frau Trude"
2:30 Kevin Goldstein (New York University), The Wise Woman as Type in "The
Goose Girl at the Spring"
Updated 7/18/12
3:00 Cristina Bacchilega (University of Hawai’i, Mānoa), From Fool to Trickster:
"Clever Else" Is No Joke

Transgressive Tales II: Transforming Transgressions
Sponsored by the Folk Narrative Section; LGBTQA Section
(See also 12-04)
Royal B
Kay F. Turner (New York University), chair
3:45 Kimberly J. Lau (University of California, Santa Cruz), Sleeping Beauty's
Queer Double: Narrative Hauntings and Vampire Longings in Angela Carter's
"The Lady of the House of Love"
4:15 Margaret Yocom (George Mason University), "Who are You Really?":
Ambiguous Bodies and Ambiguous Pronouns in "Allerleirauh"
4:45 Jennifer Orme (Ryerson University), Happily Ever After...According to Our
Taste: Jeanette Winterson's Twelve Dancing Princesses and Queer

Classic Folklore Genres: Folktale, Proverb, Lament, and Epic
Royal D
Dan Ben-Amos (University of Pennsylvania), chair
3:45 Eila Stepanova (University of Helsinki), "I Would Sue the Gods, but I
Cannot": The Creativity of Karelian Lamenters
4:15 Mr Frog (University of Helsinki), Contextualizing Creativity in an Archival
Corpus: The Case of Kalevala-Meter Mythology
4:45 Wolfgang Mieder (University of Vermont), "To Build Castles in Spain": The
Story of an English Proverbial Expression
5:15 Dan Ben-Amos (University of Pennsylvania), Old Problems Never Die,
Neither Do They Fade Away: The Diffusion of Tales

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