Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Save $8 on Brave DVD

Save $8 on Brave

For a limited time, pre-order Brave (Five-Disc Ultimate Collector's Edition: Blu-ray 3D / Blu-ray / DVD + Digital Copy) to save $8. Coupon expires on July 19, 2012.

There is a coupon on clip on the item page. The price drops to $26.99 which is a fine price for this edition. The deal ends tomorrow so be quick if you want it.

While I didn't adore the movie myself, I liked it enough to own it and prefer it over several other choices for viewing with the littler ones in my life. My 7 year old nephew and 9 year old niece both enjoyed it when we saw it together in the theatre. And despite some of the flaws, many of my mother friends have loved that it is a story about a mother/daughter relationship more than anything else. And those were the best parts of the the film. Along with all of that unruly hair that is so talked about.

We'll just not discuss the implication that Merida doesn't have to take on any adult responsibility of ruling or otherwise but gets an uninhibited freedom to play at the end in addition to a respect for her mother (which of course the mothers liked and should). But the coming of age message fell  flat, rather making her a female Peter Pan. Calls for a sequel, no?

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  1. Well you never know about the sequel thing. Pixar have been releasing a few sequels and well trilogys.

    I have yet to se the film - it hasn't come out in the Uk yet. :(