Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mermaids Magazine Update

Mermaids - Annual

Since I want to help get the word out...and I know Kim Cross well since I write articles for Faerie Magazine myself. Although I have my own Mermaid and Other Water Spirit Tales From Around the World, I didn't contribute anything to this particular publication.

From Carolyn Turgeon at I Am a Mermaid:

So last month I posted an update on Mermaids magazine, the 200+ pages of mermaidly gorgeousness that I gathered/edited/wrote and that is being published by Kim Cross, who does the lush and art-filled Faerie Magazine (and that is not to be confused with Mermaids and Mythology, which is another publication altogether), and I talked about how Kim had decided to launch a kickstarter to pay for the printing of the magazine, due to some financial troubles… and I said that the kickstarter would be launched in the near future and the idea then was to get it up on June 20th. But it’s mid-July now and there’s no kickstarter and no magazine. The reason, basically, is because Kim’s mother was dying and Kim was taking care of her single-handedly over the past few months, and it was an awful awful time, and pretty much everything else in Kim’s life ground to a halt. Her mother died a couple of weeks ago. I talked with Kim today and she’s feeling much stronger and better, and now her designer is hard at work on the magazine again and a video is being made for kickstarter, which should launch in August. Kim will be sending out her own letter to all those who’ve ordered the magazine as well. My continued hope is that the final magazine will be so stunning and so unique and such a rich compilation of art and fiction and photography and articles that anyone who’s been annoyed by the delays will forgive and forget everything.

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