Sunday, January 1, 2012

France Month: Peau d'Ane: L'ancienne et véritable histoire de la Peau D'Anesse

Peau d'Ane : L'ancienne et véritable histoire de la Peau D'Anesse by Jean-Jacques Fdida (Auteur), Jean-Marie Machado (Auteur), Nathalie Novi (Illustrations)

This month, I am going to be featuring French picture books of fairy tales with an emphasis on their illustrators since visual art crosses language barriers. I will offer primarily familiar tales since I don't have time to translate descriptions. Originally, I was going to offer fairy tale books from around the world but I got caught up in France and didn't exit, realizing that I have plenty for a month of posts from just one country. I may continue the theme from other countries during other months in 2012. For now, Happy New Year!

I won't be focusing on illustrators in these posts as much as the interpretations of the tales. Some illustrators are going to appear more than once, too, since some have plenty of fairy tale work.

Most of all, I am excited to share so many Donkeyskin/Peau d'Ane books since the tale is very much alive and beloved in its homeland.

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