Sunday, January 8, 2012

ABC's Once Upon a Time Returns Tonight

It's January 8th and the midseason hiatus for ABC's Upon a Time ends tonight. Above is a clip of the first 8 minutes of the new episode which has been blitzing in the media coverage along with many, many spoilers. Spoilers that ultimately say we are going to learn more about the characters in upcoming episodes. (I am really tempted to type "Duh" here, but would that be aging myself as well as too snarky? Excuse me, I've been sick for two weeks with three ailments and I am snarky right now!)

I debated sharing some of the articles, but I decided not to. They are everywhere on the web and some of them may even be true. For now, I intend to keep watching the show, enjoying the ride along the way. Overall, I am enjoying when the writers use the non-Disney versions of characters which seems to give them all more depth.

However, I obviously couldn't resist the tantalizing images that have also been creeping up everywhere for some future episodes. See what I mean though about the characters? Aren't Riding Hood and Hansel and Gretel much more compelling than the Halloweenish Cinderella we were treated to a few months ago? That costume was horrible...

And I can't praise ABC highly enough for really backing this show. The publicity is fierce. The marathon of episodes last weekend was a rarity on the big networks and even the support materials are growing, yes, in the name of marketing and commerce, but that is what it's all about anyway. If we get to be entertained along the way, it's a solid product.

(Forgive the snarkiness. Don't doubt I will be watching OUAT tonight or tomorrow at the latest. I admit Downton Abbey 2 may take precedence since I have a date to watch that with family tonight.)

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  1. I have been watching the show too. I like it somewhat, but at the same time I feel like they could go a bit farther with it. MOST of the costumes are great, but sometimes it just feels like they are not taking it that step farther because they are scared. I just hope the show lasts and they find their rhythm. I am enjoying watching it despite my reservations.