Thursday, March 17, 2011

Red Riding Hood Bonus Chapter

(RED RIDING HOOD BY Blakley-Cartwright, Sarah(Author))Red Riding Hood[Paperback]Poppy Books(Publisher) Red Riding Hood

Apparently it took a few extra days than originally announced, but the bonus chapter to the movie novelization of Red Riding Hood is now available online at Bonus Chapter. I previously wrote about the book's delayed final chapter, assumably delayed not to ruin the movie and/or to encourage readers to see the movie opening weekend.

Now what I am not understanding too clearly is that another edition was officially released yesterday, Red Riding Hood, and I wonder if that one with the movie poster cover has the bonus chapter when the original one released a few months ago didn't, Red Riding Hood. It's all a bit confusing for this blogger who is too busy/lazy to find out.

Anyway, if you were curious in spoiling the movie, or have read the novel and forgot to find the chapter this week, I've provided the link and you can read more for yourselves. I skimmed it and all is definitely revealed and partly mirrors the Wolf and LRRH at Grandmother's house from the tale, but of course the Wolf is someone close to LRRH.


  1. I Can't even find the bonus chapter!!!

  2. It wont let me freaking download it

  3. i wanna read the bonus chapter and it wont let me

  4. It just shows as a blank page when I try to download it...

  5. It shows me a blank page too! This is outrageous!