Thursday, July 22, 2010

Steampunk and Other Princesses

Reader Chrisy W. sent me the link to these reinterpretations of the Disney Fairy Tale Princesses.  There are six in all at HelleTitch's Deviant Art site.  I am showing my three favorites and you can click through to see the others.

This last one is perhaps the least original of the bunch, but I am a sucker for the dresses and colors.  The superheroes made me laugh and the steampunk is very current...

Thanks again to Christy for sharing!


  1. The "Gothique" ones need some red foliage-pattern embroidery on the dresses, however; especially Mulan's. Then they'd be perfect.

  2. Deviantart is littered with great Disney fanart!
    This gallery has really cute and adorable drawings of the Disney girls as retro pin ups.
    This gallery has the Disney boys without much on! But the artist has the amazing ability to draw realistically, while also maintaining Disney's original design, which really impressed me.
    And this is just a cosplay (costume-play) of popular Disney characters... if they were zombies. Haha~ Enjoy.