Sunday, February 21, 2010

Snow White and Rose by Anastasiya Archipova

This one is for all of you Snow White and Rose Red lovers out there. A new picture book of the tale out in the US this March and this past January in the UK.

This Snow White and Rose Red is illustrated by Anastasiya Archipova with text accredited to the Brothers Grimm. In other words, it appears to be a straightforward retelling of the tale.

Publisher's description:

Snow White and Rose Red are good, happy children living a peaceful life with their mother. When they meet a big black bear and an angry dwarf, their lives are changed for ever—but will good eventually triumph over evil?

This classic tale from the Brothers Grimm is brought to life in beautiful illustrations by Russian artist, Anastasiya Archipova.

Anastasiya Archipova is a freelance illustrator living in Moscow and has illustrated a few other fairy tales previously, including Hansel and Gretel, Favourite Tales from Hans Christian Andersen and The Golden Goose and Other Grimm's Fairy Tales.

Either way, I've only seen these images online and so far the book looks beautiful and a wonderful addition to a library, especially if you don't own a picture book of this dear tale about loving sisters. (Try to name another such tale. I challenge you.)

And it looks just so wonderful for spring. After this particularly snowy winter, I'm ready for some lovely garden scenes like those shown here. And to see other previous releases of the tale, visit the Snow White and Rose Red Book Gallery.


  1. Very pretty. I love the colors. It's interesting to see one where the "children" Snow White and Rose Red are interpreted more as teenagers.

  2. Considering how some versions of the tale have the girls married off by the end, it seems to me more appropriate that they are presented here as older than they often are portrayed.

    It does look like a lovely book!